Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weight loss is slow- so I hope that means I'm gaining muscle

Well I hopped on the scale this morning, as I do every Wednesday morning, and my weight loss was only 0.6 lbs. Boo. I know, I should be happy to have lost something at all, but I was hoping for a little bigger loss. My hope is that because I've been starting to run more, that I'm gaining muscle- and that's why the weight hasn't gone down as fast as before.
I was super good on the diet train every single day this past week except Saturday (I'm allowing myself 1 bad day).
Also, this week I have officially stopped hurting muscle-wise the next day (or hours later) after my run- I find that to be a success in itself.
My new running shoes are starting to get their work cut out for them.

I also, this past run (Monday), was able to only walk 3 times total during the run (once for my 5 minute warm-up in the beginning, once at the halfway point, and once for my 5 minute cool down). I was most proud of THAT achievement. Now granted, my pace is super slow, but its more running and less walking.

from Monday's run.

My newest turn around point- the faithful bench.

the home stretch of my run- going under Route 1 with my home only a few blocks away.

 Here's some other highlights of my diet and exercise for the week:

Last Thursday's run stats and an awkward moment on the run...

Saturday's run was beautiful with all the flowers...

... and the bridge looking cool

Saturday's stats- however, I would like to note- the mileage I think got a little off- since the gps went all wonky- I actually ran further on Monday than this Saturday's run, but for some reason the stats came up as Saturday was further. I blame faulty GPS- getting my hopes up that I went super far. lol.

pretty flowers on the run

I want this home owner's garden (I pass their beautiful flowers every run)

Saturday's lunch- I split this with the hubs.

Saturday's lunch- I also split this with the hubs.

Sunday's dinner at TGI Friday's (we used a gift card)- sadly this was one of the best Weight Watchers pointed meals, other than just a salad and/or soup. I know- it's kind of pitiful looking. Poor tiny steak.

 *fingers crossed* I start to notice the losses and gaining of muscle more and/or next week is a bigger loss. We shall see.

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