Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Enjoying the good things in life, and still losing weight

So I am down another 1.8 lbs this week- grand total of 27.4 lbs since I started Weight Watchers. :D
Today my pants and shirt are loose- haven't really noticed the clothing difference except for the pants. Some things I learned this past week:

Pepperidge Farm Light Style soft wheat (says 45 calories per slice on the front) is an amazing alternative to the Weight Watchers wheat bread (I couldn't find it at my local grocery store, but found the Pepperidge farm one and it tastes just as good and is only 1 points plus a slice!)

It is always so hard to go out to eat and be healthy. My favorite soup in the world is Chili's Chicken enchilada soup. So when the hubs suggested we go get some lunch on Monday (my last day before my weigh in on Tuesday mornings) I knew I HAD to have the soup and salad combo. Now, chili's has great chips and salsa as well. Luckily I had a light breakfast, and hadn't touched my weekly points at all this week. So I kind of splurged and had an extra cup of soup at the end of the meal, because I think that soup is THAT good. So this is what I got at Chili's:
  • 1/4 of Chips and salsa (they said the entire basket and salsa is 27 points plus): 6.75 pp
  • 1 bowl of Chicken enchilada soup: 11pp
  • 1 salad with low fat ranch on the side (just for dipping), no tomatoes and I ate only 1/2 the croutons: I said it was only a 2 pp salad because I didn't use all the dressing and didn't eat all the croutons. It might of even been only a 1 pp salad, but better to over shoot.
  • then finished with 1 additional cup of chicken enchilada soup: 5pp
Total meal (with a large glass of water): 24.75 (25) points plus
(it could of been a LOT worse, but that soup was killer- if I had used some of my weekly points, I would of skipped the chips and the extra cup of soup, but I was good all week, so I couldn't pass it up)

So overall, a very large meal- very filling too, but I didn't have much for breakfast and had a very light dinner, so it all worked out. We didn't do any entertaining or go out really all week (except Chipotle- which at this point, we are such regulars, I get the same thing every time). Later I'll upload my own photos of the soup and chips, but for now, you get this filler photo above. hehe

So, I also plan on creating this awesomely cute idea I picked up from Pintrest (which in turn is actually from this site: http://hotmessprincess.com/2012/01/the-motivational-marbles-project/

When I make my own, I'll photograph it and add it up here too. :D

Gotta keep on trucking along. I'm less than 4 lbs away from my midway point. Can't wait till I hit those 30 lbs mark!
Happy weight loss!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ok, so my weigh in on Tuesday showed that it is possible to have a little bit of fun over the weekend, and still loose Something. Not as good as previous weeks, but still something.
I'm down another 0.8 lbs this week, making my grand total to be 25.6 lbs since I started Weight Watchers in October.
As far as marshmallows, I found out today that 3 standard sized jet-puffed marshmallows are 1 point. I was like, REALLY!? 3 marshmallows are = to one piece of caramel weight watchers chocolate. Who knew!?
Anyways, been good since my weigh in and even walked for 35 minutes today.
Also, I've had multiple people this week and last week say to me, "You're melting away, how much have you lost?" Now some of these are people who are friends that probably see my weight loss online and facebook, but a handful of them have been co-workers that I don't really see outside of work, and don't really talk to much. Today for example I had 2 different people from different departments say the above phrase to me. One of them said she had to do a doubletake in the cafe. because she wasn't sure it was me, from the side. lol
I personally don't really notice my 25 pound loss, but I guess everyone else does. haha
So, here's to a better weight loss week! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

eeek...cookies...but yay on weight loss

So today I lost another 2.2 lbs, making my grand total of loss since joining weight watchers at 24.8 lbs down! hooray! And with this, I celebrate with...girl scout cookies?!
Not really, but there was the dreaded but delectable cookies in the office today. With that, I thought I'd look up the points plus for all the different kinds of girl scout cookies. Check it out:

Girl Scout Cookies:

  • Caramel deLites (Samoas): 2 cookies = 4 points plus 
  • Peanut Butter patties (Do-si-dos): 2 cookies = 4 points plus 
  • Peanut butter sandwich (Tagalongs): 3 cookies = 5 points plus
  • Shortbread (Trefoils): 4 cookies = 3 points plus
  • Thin mints: 4 cookies = (4 points plus from ABC bakers/5 points plus for Little brownie bakers)
  • Savannah Smiles: 5 cookies = 4 points plus
  • Thank U Berry Munch: 2 cookies = 3 points plus
  • Lemonades: 2 cookies = 4 points plus
  • Dulce de Leche: 4 cookies = 4 points plus
  • Thanks-A-Lot: 2 cookies = 4 points plus
  • Shout Outs!: 4 cookies = 3 points plus

Best bang for your points:

  • Shortbread (trefoils)
  • Shout Outs!
  • Savannah smiles
(I found this info at:  http://www.justdietnow.com/girl-scout-cookies.html )

So I snarfed down 2 peanut butter patties, and jotted down the dreaded 4 points of those two cookies, and now must re-arrange my dinner around it. haha
I guess I'll just have to eat a small dinner with lots of fruits tonight!
Happy weight loss everyone and *crossing fingers* for a good week again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little steps

So I'm down another 0.8 lbs this week. Not as fabulous as previous weeks, and nowhere near my hope for 1/5-2 lbs a week loss, but I'll take it. This week has been SUPER rough.
We've been busy doing lots of stuff around the house and out and about stuff for the theater. I've been stressing out like no-other for certain things.
I've also been bad and had diet coke 3 days in a row (I know, I was off the caffeine train for so long, then I lacked sleep one day and I needed for 3 days straight! Eek!) Smartly, it was diet soda, but still, I should try to wien off of it.
Food-wise, Wren tried out his new "Perfect meatloaf" pan, so I weighed out how much I could have and how much roasted potatoes I could have besides my vegs, and our meal was complete. The slice of meatloaf was a little puny I must say, but if I hadn't had a large Chipotle meal, i would of been able to do more.

Also food-wise, we are running low in the cabinets and fridge for the 'healthy-go-to-foods' so i've had to improvise and order out a lot more. Not my usual smart ones and fav. breakfasts recently. Hopefully I can get to the grocery store tomorrow and stock back up (I also blame our outragously high heating bill that came- makes me not want to spend more money for a bit, but a girl's gotta eat!).
Anyways, many people I know have been joining Weight Watchers recently, including my mom and step-sister and step-bro-in-law. Hopefully we all will be so successful!
So I'm down 0.8 lbs this week, making a total of 22.6 lbs lost since I start Weight Watchers. I gotta keep trucking along. I got 39.4 lbs left to lose till I reach my goal!
Off to go walk some.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I survived the New Year

While many people decided they needed to lose weight as a New Year's resolution, my resolution was to CONTINUE to lose weight at my current 1-2 lbs a week pace.
We had a huge New Year's party this year, with our one friend proposing to our other friend, lots of food and drinks and such. So it was super super hard to figure out the points for it. After busting my butt to not use any of my weekly points or any of my 9 activity points I acquired that week, I decided that New Year's Eve was going to be too tough to calculate. I tried to be good and avoided the sweets and stuck to the vegs and meat/cheeses and didn't over do it too much on the alcohol.
The next day I started back up again on my points tracking.
Even with the non-tracking New Year's eve, I managed to loose 1.6 lbs this week, making my total loss at 21.8 lbs in 11 weeks. Woot!
So I basically have 40.2 lbs left till I reach my goal of 150 lbs. If I keep at my current pace, I'll get to that goal in roughly 27 to 20 weeks (so sometime between May 22 and July 10, 2012). That would mean I'd get to my goal before my next wedding anniversary and my best friend's wedding in Sept. Hopefully I can keep up that loss. I know it gets a LOT tougher the closer to your goal. to be honest, I'd be happy if I get to my goal by next New Years. lol
Anyways, thought I'd give a little update on things. :D