Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over the halfways point

So after my weigh in on Tuesday, I lost another 1.6 lbs, making my grand total lost at 31.4 lbs. I'm official over halfways to my goal! Hooray!
I was skeptical about my weight loss after dealing with a very tempting day at a hockey game (beer anyone?), followed by going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Each boneless wing is 2 pp, and then for every 6 wings (so 12 pp at this point) you have to tack on an addition point for the sauce. So, 6 boneless mild wings is 13 points plus. Eek! I soaked up a huge chunk of my weekly points that day, as I had Chipotle for lunch. All in all, it is the most I have ever used of my weekly points thus far, but luckily I didn't touch them at all every other day that week. So, I was super happy and super surprised with the 1.6 lbs loss.

 (Me and friend Dani at the game- with 7 other people (one being my hubs)).

 (The Titans won 5-1 that day!)

 (Beer anyone?)

The hubs tempted me with birthday cake at my bday surprise on Monday (my bday is Sunday, but so few people could get together that day, he surprised me early). So, cake...yeah...super hard.
When you look at the point values for vanilla birthday cake with icing, it makes you want to cry. I had 8 pp at the end of the day, so we figured out how big of a slice I could have, and I must say, it was mighty pitiful. *sigh*
(The dreaded birthday cake)

Anyways, hopefully the rest of the week goes well and I keep on trucking along with my weight loss. Since I hit 30 lbs down, I'm officially going to go through my closet this week, so I'm hoping for another moral boost. :D
Laters and keep on losing it! hehe

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little delayed

So I'm a little delayed with my weekly update. So on Tuesday I lost another pound (sadly not 1.4 lbs as I hoped to reach 30) but I better/hopefully will get to 30 lbs down since October next Tuesday.
The hubs and I tried a new recipe on Wednesday night-'s Chicken Enchilada Soup. We tweaked a few minor things and also didn't make it in a crock pot, but it still was mighty yummy.
Here is the link to the recipe:

(below is my photo of it before I put weight watchers cheese on top)

I'm finally really starting to notice clothes fitting looser this week, as most of my pants are getting loose in the front of my thighs and my behind area...and a little from the waist. I also am comfortably fitting my pretty embroidered coat, so that means I'm doing good.

Of course we had some Chipotle- how could I resist...luckily  get the same thing every time and know the points for it.

Monday was really tough (the day before my weigh) because it was our Pre-Valentine's Day dinner (I worked late Tuesday, so we couldn't really go out to eat). I made sure I saved all of my weekly points for this special dinner, as I was determined to have one of their famous margaritas. The hubs made me a skinny margarita when I got home, but it still is no where near as good as these-

Other than the soup, I haven't tried a whole lot of new things this week, just trucking along. Hopefully I'll hit my 30 lbs down next week, so I can do my closet binge and re-try on my whole closet and my "skinny clothes."
Looking forward to that day. Maybe I'll get a manicure when that happens. lol
Happy Weight Loss!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another week down

So I am getting close to being 30 lbs down- I am officially down 28.6 lbs since October (I lost 1.2 lbs this week). It could of been a LOT better, but Super Bowl happened- along with my friend DD's super duper punch and citrus vodka.

It was a Chili kind of week- with me having the chili I made 3 days in the week and had some of dd's chili on Super bowl. I'll post some pics of the chili process shortly with the recipe. Each serving was 8 points plus (it made 6 servings). It was very good and very spicy- just the way I like it.

We also went to eat at Cracker Barrel yesterday after getting stuff done earlier that morning. Luckily, I found my beloved Grilled Chicken tenderloin dinner platter with green beans and hashbrown casserole was only 10 points plus total (4 for chicken, 5 for hashbrowns, and 1 for green beans- I'm assuming because of butter). I also had one biscuit (4 points plus, opposed to the 5 pp for a cornbread piece). All it all it was filling and not the worst thing I could eat (14 pp total)- for an "out to eat" meal that wasn't a salad, I was pleased.

So all in all, I'm happy with my 1.2 lbs loss for the week. Hopefully this week goes far better, as I have no parties to attend to and I'm working 6 days straight this week (surprisingly enough, I eat pretty good at work, because I pack my lunch/dinner). So, *crossing fingers* I loose 1.4 lbs next week to hit 30 lbs lost. That would make me super happy. These past 10 lbs have gone a little slower than that first ones, but hopefully I pick up steam again.
Off to go do a 3point plus walk. :D
Happy weight loss everyone!