Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gaining during a fabulous wedding weekend

Ok. So I was bad. Like REALLY bad this week. I gained 2.4 lbs this week- that tells you how bad I really was. So my best friend got married to my husband's best friend this weekend, so from Friday straight through yesterday evening, I ate a lot and drank more than I should. I threw my diet out the window, and it sure showed when I got on the scale this morning. eek!

The numbers this week:

So here is what did me in (besides the amazing tasting fresh food at the wedding location- rehearsal dinner, breakfast, dinner, late night snacks and booze, breakfast- all amazing tasting. Especially anything with potatoes- their cook must really know how to cook potatoes!)

 (Went to Olive Garden with the hubs- that was mistake #1)

(even though I got wheat pasta, the sauce, cheese and sausage couldn't save this horribly high point value meal)

 (Only 1 point plus energy drink- they brought in a bunch to our work to promote it. The Peach Mango isn't bad, the blackberry is icky though).

 (One of the nights I had Chinese food- the egg drop soup isn't too bad. However the Hunan chicken I had also didn't help my points for the day)

 (Then wine happened. Yes, this is a giant glass of Moscato wine in the cup holder of my craft room. It helped me get through the major project I had to finish by the weekend- for the wedding)

 (Thursday I went to the Amish Market in Newtown)

 (they had cool amount of potatoes, though I didn't pick any up because we wouldn't be home all weekend)

 (I did pick these puppies up- only 1 points plus for 2 pop cakes!)

 (Also picked up no sugar Apple Butter to put on the rice cakes. I believe it is 1 points plus for 3 tbsp or 3 servings)

 (I also picked up the sugar apple butter to see if you can taste the difference between the sugar and no sugar. The one with sugar is 1 points plus per 2 tbsp or 2 servings- so one serving less you can have for a 1pp.)

 (And this was my lunch- badddddd for you pulled pork sandwich, but healthy cauliflower- weird mix, I know)

(Also got a 6 points plus Gelati from Ritas- sugar free tangerine with slenderita custard)

 (Apple butter on rice cake!)

 (Sometime last week I tried this Smart Ones bag of sesame chicken. Was actually quite good and spicy)

And then things really start to take a turn for the bad eatting...
We started things off on Friday by having a quick bite to eat at Arby's, since we knew we'd be eatting heavy at the rehearsal dinner. That was a mistake, just like every meal this past week... Then I had this:

 (First helping at rehearsal dinner. Second helping was more pulled pork and potato salad, I know- shouldn't have gotten another serving, but I gave my chicken to the hubs- didn't notice the pork till after I put the chicken on the plate, and I really am not a huge "meat on the bone still" fan)

 (Orange dreamcicle martini)

 (Was the groom's birthday the day before the wedding, so there was more cake)

 (Heading to rehearsal dinner)

 (Favorite shoes- at rehearsal dinner)

 (Morning of wedding we had a big breakfast (not shown) and had Orange Juice- I haven't had OJ in forever, since I can't justify the points of OJ from concentrate- I hate pulp!)

 (My bridesmaid hair and makeup)

 (The wedding cake! They also had wonderful appetizers, a walnut/apple/cheese salad, and the main course of steak/green beans fresh from the farm and potato cake- it all tasted SO good!)

 (Hubs and I at the reception. We had more food and drinks at the after party after the reception- where I downed many carrots, grapes, crackers, cheese, and apricot tarts. If I would of stuck to the water, grapes and carrots, I would of been fine. lol)

 (And then, after having Arby's for lunch on Sunday, we ordered pizza and I had buffalo chicken pizza. My weight watchers teachers would be screaming in horror at my meals this past week).

 (Our new fridge, now filled with the basics and nothing really to make a full-on meal though)

So yeah, I gained weight and I ate horribly, but you know what. I don't care. That just means I need to get back on the bandwagon this week and make up for it. I had a great time this week and that's what really matters. As much as it sucks that I have to lose that, and it always is harder to lose than to gain (as I just demonstrated), sometimes you just gotta get over the number and have a flub week.

For dinner I had my favorite Italian Pesto on a 6 inch wheat sub from Wawa. Luckily I had the points. I also scored a free starburst- had a coupon for $1 off any starburst (was on the back of my gas reciept) and they were already on sale for $0.99! Woo! Free candy!
Well...turns out Starburst (one of my favs) is 1 points plus for every 1.76 starburst. So I could have 3.5 starburst for 2 points plus. *sigh*

Anyways, will try to get back on the wagon and do good this week. I let myself be bad for an entire week, and boy did I pay for it!
I hope everyone else is doing good in their losses. Happy weight loss!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Staying even after reaching goal weight

Ok, so this past Tuesday I technically gained 0.2 lbs. Nothing to freat about, nothing to brag about. Just for the most part staying even- which is good, considering I still am under my goal weight, and I did have the most horribly epic day at Dorney Park (but horribly bad for you food), so I'll take a 0.2 lbs- the crab fries were worth it for that 0.2 lb gain.
As far as this week, trying to get back on the horse of weight loss, since I don't want to gain back lbs the week before my friend's wedding. I want to be as thin as I can for that event! (Can't believe its a week away! eeek!)
So the hubs and I have continued to keep getting our traditional Chipotle lunch on Saturday (last week and this week) and I still enjoy it every time.

 (standing in line at Chipotle)

On Sunday, friend brought some Oktoberfest Yuengling beer to gaming night- I only drank 1/2 a bottle, since I had to go to work later that night.

Hubs successfully made the most awesome tasting Pumpkin bread muffins. Only 4 points plus each.

Had a lunch date with the hubs to Jules Pizza on Wednesday- thin crust semi-healthier pizza. :D

As far as other things go, been trying some different frozen dinners, as the hubs picked me up odd ones I normally wouldn't pick up, like Tuna Noodle Linguini- had that tonight- ok...though I think my tummy would not agree that it was ok, as its doing backflips right now. ;(

I also got the Beck Higgins Project Life Cherry collection (sheet protectors and starter cherry collection of cards) from my mom, as a present for reaching my goal weight. Thanks mom! I can't wait to get started on Project Life-ing up!

Other than that, been a pretty boring week food wise, since I've been working every single day this week.
Hopefully this week of weight loss goes well!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hitting my goal weight!

Ok. So this past Tuesday (my weigh in day) I officially hit my goal weight! Yay! I actually dropped 1.2 lbs below my goal on my weigh in. :D
So, I have lost 63.2 lbs since October of 2011. That is is roughly 6.32 lbs a month (10 months).  
So from now on, whatever I lose, is just for the heck of it. If I don't ever lose any more from here on out, I'm not going to cry, just as long as I don't gain any back.
This was surprising, considering I didn't eat well on last Thursday (our wedding anniversary- 8/23), but then again, I was good every other day.
Since I hit my goal, here is my official before and after. Since I don't have a lot of photos when I started, I tried to find a picture of me when I was at my heaviest- which def. was during our trip to Florida (hence why picture from July, when I didn't start WW till October). Anyways, here you go.

 And now for the rest of the week's stuff.

 (from our anniversary dinner at TexMex mexican restaurant).

 (hubs and I. Happy 4th wedding anniversary and 8th together anniversary!)

 (my FAVORITE wine of all time to celebrate the anniversary.)

(went hiking for a co-worker's bday here on Saturday).

 (minestrone soup by Progressive. Surprisingly good)

 (Went to Dorney with best bud Cat for her bachelorette celebration. This is me by the pirate setup... supposably looking thin, she says.)

 (we shall see if these crab fries made me gain weight this week... we shall see)

(or this margarita I had 2 days ago...hmmm)

On other news, my beloved hubs has decided to join me in Weight Watchers' teachings and give it a go, so he can lose his remaining 18 lbs he wants to lose. I plan on trying to lose 8.8 more lbs to be at an even 140 lbs, eventually. To be honest, I can't imagine myself below that, since that would be what I was in high school (I was 135 lbs in high school- and my boobs were half the size they are now. haha)

So, I'm super proud of my accomplishment, 63.2 lbs in 10 months. Who knows, maybe I'll hit the 75 lbs gone in a year. (not going to hold my breath, but I'll try it). Happy losses and cheers to a long journey that I'm super happy to have achieved. Now to keep it up and not gain it back...
Happy losses.