Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My highs and lows in trying to Maintain my weight Loss

So, I'm in "maintainance mode" when it comes to my weight loss. Can I just say that this is the absolute HARDEST thing to do?!! I found that losing weight wasn't bad once you got going, but maintaining is so difficult, because you walk that fine line of having bad days, and just not caring- which in turn makes you gain- so you quick be healthy to lose it, then go back to bad days again. It's hard to be healthy ALL the time, so I find being at my low weight just doesn't stay that way unless I keep trying. I allow myself to gain 3 lbs, then I have to get back in check. But it just feels like a constant back and forth. blah.
Anyways, here is a recap of the past few months:

 Popcorn- my favorite thing to eat at the movies...

 Dried Cranberries with vanilla yogurt...

 A tasty new Lean Cuisine I tried...

 One of the pretty drinks I had at my co-workers wedding...

 Amazing dessert at their wedding (instead of a cake)...

 Memorial Day Weekend S'mores...

 I love this place, though my diet does not!

 Banana cake my hubs made for my friend's Tony Awards Party...

 Only half the spread at my friend's Tony Awards Party...
 I managed to wear my old prom dress for the Tony Awards party of Fairy Tale theme.

 Awesome Panini and Sweet Potato fries at King George II Inn, out to lunch with my mom and hubs.

 Sushi!!! Tried new roll this time around.

 Went to see concert with mom...

 I love that the hotel gave us cookies! They were warm...

 We had tasty hummus after the concert...

 And I had this great Mac & Cheese (besides a beer) at the Perch Pub after the concert.

 I discovered this awesome beverage...

 And this tasty yogurt...

 Red Robin however will be the death of me. Most amazing milkshake ever!

 Being able to wear the same dress, but fits so much better now...

 A typical lunch at work...

 Dressing up for the show I was in...

 Having lunch at the Corner Bakery

 Indulging in Applebee's Brownie Bite.

 This WAS pasta at Applebee's. I was hungry, and my diet sure knew about it.

 Me in the middle, playing one of the Pigeon Sisters in "The Odd Couple" in June.

 Trying a top my mom gave me, being girly!

 4th of July cake! (before it melted)

 Hubs made homemade Calzone...

 Kid's sized Starburst Ritas- my weakness.

 Red Robin Turkey Burger, steak fries, and 10 cal peach lemonade- probably the meal this week that made me gain. lol

My outfit yesterday.

When I hopped on the scale, I was up this week, meaning this coming week is "lose it time!"
Hopefully I can find a happy medium for it all. Any tips from my Maintainers out there?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rollercoaster... of weight loss

(...As I sing the title to this post like the "Rollercoaster of Love" song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers). lol

So Last week I gained, this week I lost. So overall, pretty close to what it was a few weeks ago. Ugh. Goes to show you that I gotta keep up with things- Part of it was with the yummy food from an awards banquet for work (below). I just ADORE the way they made a "ring" out of the squash.

 Look what book I just got! Woo! Can't wait to try things from it.

Did a lot of yardwork, weeding, etc. Oh, exercise...

This past weekend I auditioned for a show, so I got a little more dancing exercise than I normally do. haha. I auditioned for Grease, so I was attempting to channel my inner teenager (below).

I thought I did a pretty good job at it, however I don't look as young as the 14-year-old boys that got cast as the Burger Palace Boys (T-birds), so I'll be playing the teacher. Supposably they want Ms. Lynch to be more in her 40s for this version of Grease. To be completely honest, I was kind of mortified when they first offered it to me (the hubs got cast as Eugene, mind you) but after finding out that pretty much the entire main characters are all 14-18, little 27-year-old me just doesn't fit in as a student. (sad panda face). But alas, I am an actress- I will make the best of any role given to me.
So I'll be playing a pretty British Chick in "Odd Couple" in June, then prudish English Teacher in "Grease" in August. Crazy how theater can be so out there, as far as roles.

I've also been on a huge "sweet salad" kick- Salad greens with Raspberry Walnut dressing, Dried Cranberries and Feta. YUM- and only 4 points (because the cranberries are sweetened- would be 1 point less if it wasn't for that).

So Red Robin's Turkey burger is 19 points plus. After a full hour of Zumba, I was starving, and I really wanted a burger- sadly, this is actually one of the lower points sandwiches. Luckily, I subbed out the fries for a fruit salad, had the 10 calorie iced tea and used some of those Zumba/exercise points to enjoy the Turkey burger. It doesn't look super great in photos, but it is quite tasty.

Anyways, I hope to keep up with things, and stop yo-yoing.

(Diet Grapefruit soda at friend's bonfire!)

I want to keep on the down-low!
Happy weight loss!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where has April gone?...

Holy heck, where did this month go? Seems as if I haven't popped over here to update ya'll on my weight loss journey at all this month. Eek!
So what all has happened in my weight ins in April? Well...
  • April 3: 150.8 lbs
  • April 10: 155.4 lbs (I blame my getaway weekend with my mom for this gain)
  • April 17: 153 lbs
  • April 24 (today): 150.6 lbs
As you can see, this month has been a rollercoaster thus far. With the fun times of a scrapbooking getaway with my mom, I gained a lot that week. However, I've been doing well in losing these past few weeks, I think partially to starting Zumba. My one friend just got certified as a Zumba instructor, so I've been taking her class the past few weeks- it is fun, but kicks my butt in its one-hour of booty-shaking dance. lol
I also have come to the conclusion that I love avocado sushi! Read all about at my blog (and other favorites of the week here).

Here's my month thus far of dinners/weight loss, etc. in pics.

 (Tried this- actually pretty good for a weight watchers soup.)

 (Dinner 1 at Scrapbook getaway)

 (Dinner 2 at Scrapbook Getaway)

 (Rocking the yellow and new haircut. Bangs have come back!)

 (Chili's lunch: My most favorite soup in the world- Chili's enchilada soup)

 (Spinach ravioli at italian restaurant with hubs and mom)

 (Co-Worker gave me these to try- Not too bad)

(My new favorite popcorn, along with Boom Chica Pop. So good!)

 (Enjoying a cider on our new patio seating area. These actually aren't nearly as bad for you as beer!)

 (Lunch with hubs at mexican restaurant- I love mexican food!)

 (Oh water, Why can't I enjoy you more?)

 (A typical lunch at work- Diet Dr. Pepper, Green beans, Lean Cuisine and banana.)

 (Day one of our once-a-week 007 James Bond movie date nights- Martini and Sloppy "James" Rotini. lol)

(Last night's dinner- Crock-pot Hawaiian Chicken. So tasty, not too bad for you, and LOTS of leftovers left!)

Anyways, I hope to ramp up the exercise- Zumba, walking, etc. since I'm in that runt of gain, lose, gain, lose- all the same 5 pounds back and forth. We shall see how the next week goes.