Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where has April gone?...

Holy heck, where did this month go? Seems as if I haven't popped over here to update ya'll on my weight loss journey at all this month. Eek!
So what all has happened in my weight ins in April? Well...
  • April 3: 150.8 lbs
  • April 10: 155.4 lbs (I blame my getaway weekend with my mom for this gain)
  • April 17: 153 lbs
  • April 24 (today): 150.6 lbs
As you can see, this month has been a rollercoaster thus far. With the fun times of a scrapbooking getaway with my mom, I gained a lot that week. However, I've been doing well in losing these past few weeks, I think partially to starting Zumba. My one friend just got certified as a Zumba instructor, so I've been taking her class the past few weeks- it is fun, but kicks my butt in its one-hour of booty-shaking dance. lol
I also have come to the conclusion that I love avocado sushi! Read all about at my blog (and other favorites of the week here).

Here's my month thus far of dinners/weight loss, etc. in pics.

 (Tried this- actually pretty good for a weight watchers soup.)

 (Dinner 1 at Scrapbook getaway)

 (Dinner 2 at Scrapbook Getaway)

 (Rocking the yellow and new haircut. Bangs have come back!)

 (Chili's lunch: My most favorite soup in the world- Chili's enchilada soup)

 (Spinach ravioli at italian restaurant with hubs and mom)

 (Co-Worker gave me these to try- Not too bad)

(My new favorite popcorn, along with Boom Chica Pop. So good!)

 (Enjoying a cider on our new patio seating area. These actually aren't nearly as bad for you as beer!)

 (Lunch with hubs at mexican restaurant- I love mexican food!)

 (Oh water, Why can't I enjoy you more?)

 (A typical lunch at work- Diet Dr. Pepper, Green beans, Lean Cuisine and banana.)

 (Day one of our once-a-week 007 James Bond movie date nights- Martini and Sloppy "James" Rotini. lol)

(Last night's dinner- Crock-pot Hawaiian Chicken. So tasty, not too bad for you, and LOTS of leftovers left!)

Anyways, I hope to ramp up the exercise- Zumba, walking, etc. since I'm in that runt of gain, lose, gain, lose- all the same 5 pounds back and forth. We shall see how the next week goes.