Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another one bites the dust!

yay! I'm down another 1.6 lbs this week! I'm trucking along in my losses....hooray!
Here are my numbers:

This week I didn't do a whole hell of a lot of new things, except one day this past week I walked twice in one day (8 laps = 1 hour 10 minutes)...I didn't use any of my weekly points either, just my exercise points.

The hubs tried making buffalo pasta salad. It was good, it just needed some cheese cubes or something other than chicken and pasta in it.

Other than that, not a whole lot to talk about. Off to eat my snack: Special K crackers and a Weight Watchers spread cheese (total 4 points plus for one cheese wedge and 24 crackers).

Happy weight loss all!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WooHoo- Down another 2.8!

So I had a wonderful weigh in yesterday- down another 2.8 lbs this week! hooray! I guess walking 5 days in a row for 35 minutes each day helped. :D

(here is my dry-erase board with my current figures)

So this past week I've tried a lot of new lean cuisines, and today I got my free lunchbox! Hooray! Here are a few I tried that are new to me.

The Asian pot stickers were surprisingly good. They were the perfect cooked and the rice was very good with the sauce. The Glazed chicken wasn't bad. My microwave at work kind of over cooked it a little on the edges, but overall not bad either. I really am liking any of the ones with rice and sauce these days.

I did some extra walking around town this past week, as the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Look at these amazing flowers in my neighborhood.

On St. Patrick's Day, I had to work, but found these delicious cookies at the store. Sadly however, a single one of these bad-boys is 4 weight watchers points plus! Holy Moly!

Over the weekend, the hubs and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner to TGIFridays. I remembered they had the parmesan crusted chicken, and got that with the spinach tortolini and a house salad with lowfat vinigrette. Was a great meal, and supposably is only 15 points plus for the whole thing (don't quote me on that though- as there was very little information on this dish at all in the internet world).

Yesterday my hubs made his fav. Chicken Enchilada lowfat soup, and tried out some new Chili powder he got from the guy who exterminates the bugs at his work. He made a huge batch of the soup to bring to work and to give to the exterminator to try out with is powder mixed in. Was pretty good- slightly more spicy than it normally is. He even gave us the chili powder in this cute little jar. :D

Lastly, today is Rita's Italian Ice day at work (every Wednesday in the Spring/Summer my co-workers get Rita's). After some research, I found that a regular Sugar-Free Cherry Gelati with Slenderita low-fat vanilla custard is only 6 weight watchers points plus! I HAD to get it. And let me tell you, it was SO worth the 6 points- perfectly filling and dealing with my Rita's craving. yay! It was on the fence of 5 or 6 points, so I just rounded up to be safe.

Anyways, I'm excited I lost another 2.8 lbs, and I hope next week goes as good- getting closer and closer to my goal! *crossing fingers* for another good week of weight loss and another great week in everything else in my life currently.
Happy weight loss all!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Blargh! So this week I officially switched my points to 29 from 30 daily points. I guess my body didn't like that and I only lost 0.2 lbs! That by far has been my worst lost yet. It kind of made me what to cry and beat up my scale all at the same time. I did hit the 33 lbs down total mark, I just wished it was closer to 34 instead. Part of it was hard figuring out the points for my dinner at this one restaurant that we went out with some friends with over the weekend.

 (my Key-lime martini- my one splurge of the weekend)

Over the weekend I cleaned out my closet- purged a lot of clothes that either don't fit, I don't like anymore, etc. I separated my clothes into a few piles: Clothes too big, too small, donating to Goodwill, trying to sell on eBay, and then in the closet goes those that fit. :D Here's the cleaned up closet.

Another thing I have been testing out this past 2 weeks is to try some new dinners. I tried the Healthy Choice Beef Merlot steamer- SUPER AWESOME! I totally would suggest it.

I also tried the Chicken Basil in Cream Sauce with Tortellini by Lean Cuisine, also another fab. dinner. What a big change between the classic Lean Cuisine and these new Chef specials. I tried their Ranchero Beef with Sweet Potato mashed potatoes- wasn't bad tasting, just wasn't big enough to justify 6 points. I think I'll stick with the Chicken Basil.

I am only 4 lean cuisine's away from getting a free lunch box! yay! I love their rewards program. I just have to have them in by March 31st, and then I get a new lunch box. Hooray!

Today I also got my first package from my secret sister weight loss swap- super cute! I got a whole red themed package of crafting goodies and an adorable strawberry card and the most awesomeness of snacks- Skinny Cow chocolate caramel clusters- only 2 points plus a pack! Super amazing and so worth it!

Well, hopefully this week goes better. Already, it has been better with me exercising a bit more (beautiful weather and all) and so far sticking closer to my points. I'm looking forward to my dessert tonight of a Weight Watchers Ice Cream bar. Can't wait.

*crossing fingers* for a good weight loss week.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Darn you sickness!

So the week is halfways done and so is my latest weigh in. It wasn't pretty. I knew it would be, after a week filled with being sick. I have been battling with a bout with Strep Throat and and ear infection- which means my usual eating habits were thrown off wack.

I inhailed 2 (count them 2!) shamrock shakes this past weekend- they seemed to be the only thing that felt relief on the throat.

I also did not have a good day on Monday, with the hubs in a "bread baking" mood- his banana cake was so wonderful I couldn't resist more than one piece. That mixed with me trying out a "sweet red" wine, probably didn't help me.

We also tried making Vodka Infused giant gummy bears. I only had one, because they were super stong, but still probably not the healthiest.

So, overall the week was probably one of my worst weight loss wise- I only lost 0.4 lbs. I'm also thinking that I need to drop my daily points down to 29 instead of 30, because now I'm below 180 lbs. Hopefully next week goes a little better. I must resist the upcoming Easter candy and St. Patrick's Day drinks! Eeek!
It was bad enough finding out that 37 jelly beans = 4 points plus!

Anyways, Good luck on ya'lls Weight Loss!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick but still down

Sorry I'm so late at my weekly update, but I currently am having a battle with an ear infection and strep throat. blah.

Well on Tuesday I was down another 1.2 lbs- so total down is 32.4 lbs (I'll update my little banner at the left later when I get on my "design" laptop...I'm just too lazy to get it out, lol).
So some of the things I was confronted with this past week beforehand was the difficulty of my birthday. Birthday cake, ice cream, and the beloved birthday dinner of italian.
Luckily, I banked all my points for my birthday, so I could have the most awesomeness of Italian food, from my fav. italian restaurant up in A-town.
Here is some pics from the big dinner.

Italian is my weakness, and I have been good at not having a whole lot of it- or going healthier with it. But for my bday, I just said- I want a big yummy meal (it was so much food, I actually had leftovers for later in the week).
My one co-worker, aware of my weight-loss mission, made these low-fat brownies for my birthday (she used egg whites instead of full eggs, and applesauce instead of oil). These were super moist and super yummy!

Being sick right now, I haven't been very hungry, so sticking to my points hasn't been hard. However today, all I really wanted was a milkshake. I hadn't had a milkshake since before October, before I started weight watchers. After seeing commercials on hulu for my beloved McD's shamrock shake, I begged the hubs to buy me one, as my doctor's note actually suggested cold beverages, including milkshakes! lol. I only got the medium/small 16 oz- which still is 12.5 points plus! Eek! But at least I had him get it without whipped cream or a cherry (I'm not sure if the point value is with whipped cream or not, though).

But overall, I'm keeping up with my weight loss. I managed to get a few clothes for my birthday from 2nd Avenue- a local thrift store type place, where I picked up 5 tops, 2 dress pants (now down to a size 14!), 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes, and 1 dress- and 3 items for the hubs and a few items for a friend's bridal shower- all for $51 total. :D
if you have one of these by you, I totally suggest checking it out.

Ok, so that's basically the overall update. Hopefully there will be a pro to me being sick this week, because right now all I see is the crappiness of being sick and wasting many hours sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. *sigh*
Happy weight loss everyone!