Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weight loss is slow- so I hope that means I'm gaining muscle

Well I hopped on the scale this morning, as I do every Wednesday morning, and my weight loss was only 0.6 lbs. Boo. I know, I should be happy to have lost something at all, but I was hoping for a little bigger loss. My hope is that because I've been starting to run more, that I'm gaining muscle- and that's why the weight hasn't gone down as fast as before.
I was super good on the diet train every single day this past week except Saturday (I'm allowing myself 1 bad day).
Also, this week I have officially stopped hurting muscle-wise the next day (or hours later) after my run- I find that to be a success in itself.
My new running shoes are starting to get their work cut out for them.

I also, this past run (Monday), was able to only walk 3 times total during the run (once for my 5 minute warm-up in the beginning, once at the halfway point, and once for my 5 minute cool down). I was most proud of THAT achievement. Now granted, my pace is super slow, but its more running and less walking.

from Monday's run.

My newest turn around point- the faithful bench.

the home stretch of my run- going under Route 1 with my home only a few blocks away.

 Here's some other highlights of my diet and exercise for the week:

Last Thursday's run stats and an awkward moment on the run...

Saturday's run was beautiful with all the flowers...

... and the bridge looking cool

Saturday's stats- however, I would like to note- the mileage I think got a little off- since the gps went all wonky- I actually ran further on Monday than this Saturday's run, but for some reason the stats came up as Saturday was further. I blame faulty GPS- getting my hopes up that I went super far. lol.

pretty flowers on the run

I want this home owner's garden (I pass their beautiful flowers every run)

Saturday's lunch- I split this with the hubs.

Saturday's lunch- I also split this with the hubs.

Sunday's dinner at TGI Friday's (we used a gift card)- sadly this was one of the best Weight Watchers pointed meals, other than just a salad and/or soup. I know- it's kind of pitiful looking. Poor tiny steak.

 *fingers crossed* I start to notice the losses and gaining of muscle more and/or next week is a bigger loss. We shall see.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Feeling the burn

So today I managed to extend my run past previous distances and was able to run/walk 3 miles (on the dot). That means I'm getting closer to the 5k mark. Once I reach that, I just have to run more and walk less of that trek, and then I'll be set to run a 5k fun run. haha

This was the lovely view from my path today...

My stats for today...
As far as diet wise- well- Friday and Saturday were a little tough, however I did a BOATLOAD of yardwork on Saturday (I felt the muscles burn all Saturday afternoon/evening, more on Sunday, and a little bit this morning), so I think I had enough exercise points to work with for the weekend. haha. 
You'd be surprised how strenuous de-weeding flower beds can be when they haven't been done all season!
My goal is to keep up with exercise at least 3 times a week and the weight watchers points plus on 6 out of 7 days a week (as much as I can)- I think I was pretty close on Saturday, but I know I went way over on Friday- but that just means I had to use some weekly points just for that day.

You should have seen how horribly weed-ridden
and grass-filled this flower bed was a few hours beforehand.

The running motivation is getting easier- especially on the days I work later (like a 3-11 or 2-10 shift), as I can sleep a decent amount, then run, then have enough time to shower and have lunch before work. The hardest motivation is the days I work earlier. For example, we shall see how motivated I am on Wednesday to run. lol
The hardest part of my current diet and exercise plan is getting my vegetables in- I've been struggling the past 2 weeks to get enough of them, since my hubs doesn't really eat veggies, so I have to find meals that include them for me to have it- as I'm all out of my mini Just-for-one vegetables. Hopefully I can get to the store soon to stock up on some veggies!
So far I've been pretty good at avoiding Easter candy- I just have been avoiding shopping all-together (the hubs has been grocery shopping and such recently). As much as it makes me sad to not have some jelly beans, I'm sure my waistline isn't complaining about the lack of sugary goodness.
I did get a lot done around the house over the weekend- lots of hard-labor and cleaning- so plenty of exercise, right?
Like finishing up the deck for friends to come hang out on Saturday.
That took plenty of work to make look pretty.

Anyways, *fingers crossed* for a good week of exercise and diet- I'm hoping I can keep it up to reach my goal soon. We shall see how I do. ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 2 of exercise, Day 3 of tracking

So I've been trucking along with tracking this week and trying to stick to my weight watchers points plus for my height/weight/age. I also ACTUALLY woke up early enough today to go running/walking this morning before work. I don't think I have EVER done that. lol.
These guys were along my path both days this week of exercise. There was a lot of people on the treck on day 1, this time though (being a lot colder), it was just the ducks and I. 
It was Day 2, Week 1 of my Couch-to-5K program, so I trucked along and got my exercise in.

I used to weigh in on Wednesdays (and basically have made that day my weigh in days always- I have tracked my weight for the past few years with weigh ins only on Wednesdays). That being said, I weighed in today and I'm happy to report- I am down 2.4 lbs from last week! Woo!
day 2 of couch-to-5k
Now I didn't REALLY start my new regime till Monday, so all things considered- that's awesome!
This time I'm trying to not use my exercise points if I can help it, and extremely limit how many weekly points I consume on my 'bad days.'
Check out my stats from my exercise today along the canal towpath by my house (Thanks to my new MapMyRun app):
I know the stats are that great, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.
I've been using these three apps during my excerise (took to the second day to figure out the best combo):

I download a few mixes from the RockMyRun, turn on my Map with MayMyRun, then switch over to the specific day in the training for 5kRunner. tada! I have my treck tracked, time and calories and milage tracked, tunes to get me pumped and a little voice trainer to tell me when to walk and run. ;)

My mini tracking journal

As far as food goes, I am back on the Weight Watchers points plus- since that I have found to be the most successful way to lose weight and both my hubs and I know the points breakdown by now.
I've been trying to ramp up my fruits too- since fruit is a great thing (plus granola/cereal) to have before a run. I've been having a banana and a cereal bar before my runs.

simple breakfast
For lunch I tend to have a lean cuisine, healthy choice or (one the other day) a cup of easy mac (but I made up for it with other healthy stuff), along with snacks to keep me going through the day at work, leading up to dinner.


another day's packed lunch
For dinner we base it around whatever points I have left. Tonight is chicken and rice, with an ice cream bar for dessert. Yesterday, we were on the road, so I got a Jr. Roast beef sandwich, a value fries and apple slices at Arby's.
looking up the points for Arby's
 Dinner these days is always based off of how well I do during the day. I know that's not suggested, but that's just what usually ends up happening.
So, cheers to another exercise day down and another good day of tracking done. *fingers crossed* I can actually keep it up and someday get to the point where I can run a 5k again. ;)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting back into things

Holy hell, has it really been almost a year since I last posted? Wow. But then again, I guess that makes sense, due to where I'm at currently.
So I went lax on my weight loss/exercise for a decent bit, starting roughly around October and progressing through to now. I would "get back on the horse" for a few weeks, then some major event or party happened, and I was right back at being unhealthy. A few nights ago, we super splurged and got a pepperoni and chicken pizza. I woke up that morning at 5 am with some of the worst heartburn known to man. It was so painful, it pretty much made me cry. I vowed that I had to get better.
So, I'm trying to change the unhealthy habits I started going back to. Today I started doing Couch to 5k. I have a few friends that are doing it and a few friends that actually exercise regularly, so I'm trying to do it too.
Luckily along my exercise path I figure out, was the borough building (where we drop off our water bills and such) so I dropped off a bill on the way. ;)
I also am restarting weight watchers (on my own from the few years I've done it) today. I'm hoping that with exercise and eatting right, I can get to my goal weight by August/September, as we are *hoping* to go on a trip or cruise to celebrate our 10 years together (and 6 years married) anniversary.
Here goes nothing!
*fingers crossed* I can keep up with it.