Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More pounds bite the dust

So this weekly weigh in I lost another 1.8 lbs, making my grand total loss at 42.4 lbs since October 2011. I still have a little under 20 lbs left till my goal, but it is nice to be under 170 now. I think I now can go down another weekly point, but I might wait till next week to drop it down to 28 weekly points from my 29. Here is a site that you can calculate out your weekly points plus:
 (this is what I've been using since I can't afford the only weight watchers currently.)

This week I was fairly good all week, which made up for the fact that Sunday I didn't count my points- a friend had a get-together with theater friends, and everything was bitesized- so hard to figure it all out. I was good- had lots of fruits and vegs, and only splurged on one cookie and the smallest sliver of apple pie. Since I was pretty full on fruits and vegs, I didn't eat anything later that night, so I think even if I did go over by a few points, because I was so good the rest of the day, it worked out.
Now some of my friends and family have asked me to do a before and after. Even though I haven't hit my goal yet, I thought I'd take a "mid" point- at my current weight. Here is my before and after (I did two, since I couldn't decide which shots showed it better).

 As far as the week of good eating, I got to use my new Lean Cuisine lunch bag a lot- I find it is super cute, and I love it- especially because it was free!

Other than that, didn't try anything really new, just still enjoying skinny cow chocolate clusters as a splurge candy and finding diet cherry pepsi to be my only saving grace when I need some caffeine. I did get a lovely package from my weight loss secret sister, so that made my week too!

Oh, and I found out my previous post about Rita's was slightly off- turns out I was looking at the original weight watchers points, not points plus. But, since I love rita's, I found this great nutrition facts about all their sugar-free and slenderita products, so you can punch them into your calculator. I LOVE the sugar-free chocolate water ice, and I'm pretty sure a regular size is only 4 points plus!
Here is the site:

Keep up the weight loss if you're trying, and if you're not, stay healthy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh poo!

Oh poo! Only lost 0.2 lbs this week. I blame my vacation- it was SO hard to track my points while away and eating hotel fancy food. I tried my best, and only tried eating what exercise points I racked up, but I didn't walk as much this week, so that might be part of it.
Over the weekend I went to a Scrapbooking Crop with my mom, who came to visit Wednesday and left today. When my mom comes to visit, it is hard to stay healthy, as we then go out to eat a lot. Luckily, she just made lifetime in Weight Watchers, so we both track what we eat. I shouldn't complain too much, it is a loss, even if it is small. I'll have to try harder this week.
I also stopped by the one Weight Watchers in the mall by my house with my mom on Thursday, where she picked up some snacks for our trip out to the Crop. We also picked up some Skinny Cow clusters and stocked up on lean cuisines and Smart ones for my freezer from Target- they had a sale on Smart Ones!

I also was extremely tired and bloated all week, so that adds to it (my pretty pillows at the hotel).
*crossing fingers* for a better week. (I plan to weigh in again later tonight and tomorrow morning, just in case it was a fluke of the morning blahs. haha)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another milestone

So today I lost another 1.4 lbs this week. That means I have lost 40.4 lbs since I started my weight loss plan in October. I am 1.25 lbs away from having lost 5 gallons of water worth of weight (hopefully will achieve that next week). Yeah, you read it right. See what I mean:

Crazy right?
Anyways, some weekly updates on the food front.
We had hot dogs and peanuts at work last Thursday to celebrate the start of baseball season. I decided to try one of the veggie dogs they had. Was only 2points plus for the dog and 3 points plus for the bun (they didn't have any wheat buns- poo). To be honest, I really thought the veggie dog tasted gross- bland, boring, and kind of rubbery. Not worth it. Luckily there was peanuts galore, and you can have 8 peanuts for single points plus.

 Didn't try any new frozen dinners this week. Sticking with my usual favorites that often have rice with them. :D

Our local Bottom Dollar had Banana twin pops! I haven't had these since I was a little kid. Always kind of reminded me of the banana runts but sweeter. I think if they banana Runts would of tasted like twin pops, I would of actually liked eatting them as a kid. haha. Anyways, these babies are only 1 points plus! Heck yeah, a bag went home with us. hehe

 The hubs tried out making what I call "Manly potatoes." Basically roasted potatoes, corn, and beef that was marinade in A1 sauce, with lots of spices. Certainly had a kick, and was pretty good tasting. One bowl (or 1/4 of a casserole dish that he made) was 11 points. Not horrible, and was quite filling with one bowl. Next time I'm going to suggest he uses slightly less salt (I can't handle salty things much anymore since I basically stopped putting it on things) and use more than just a 1 lb of meat in the whole casserole- needed a little something more than just potatoes. But overall it was tasty, and I'd have it again. To think, it all started because he wanted Shepard's Pie, and I wanted roasted potatoes.

Being Easter over the weeken, we decided to dye some hardboiled eggs.
I tried the rubber band method. Sadly, they didn't work nearly as nice, partially due to us not having vinegar to make the dye really nice.

But, the eggs are a good thing to snack on with some pepper on them. I like the egg whites, but don't like hard-boiled yokes. I can have 3 egg whites before I even dip into a single points plus!

So, I'll just have to keep on trucking along. This past week I didn't use any of my weekly points, but did use up some exercise points. I even splurged yesterday and had a Dorito Taco from Taco Bell (*gasp*) Surprisingly enough, hard tacos are only 4 points each, where soft are 5!
I also looked through a pile of photos I am looking to scrapbook this weekend while on a Scrapbook retreat/crop for Autism, and noticed for the first time since I started loosing weigh, how big I really was. I guess I never really noticed I had gotten that bad, but I look at photos of me during the summer and boy was it not pretty. Makes me cringe just looking at those photos. I guess I'm going to have to crop a bunch so they don't show my weight. haha
Anyways, *crossing fingers* for more losses!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another day, another loss

So I'm down another 1.6 lbs this week! yay! I sticked to my points pretty much every day except Sunday, so I'm glad I lost the same amount as last week. Here is my numbers:

If I keep up this loss each week, I'll get to my goal in no time, with plenty of time in my goal weight before my friend's wedding in Sept. I'm looking forward to Thursday- Phillies opening day, and hot dog/hamburger day here at my work. Luckily our wellness group at work brings in wheat buns and turkey hot dogs and burgers. :D

Among the happenings of the week, we got an ice cream cake for my hubs, to celebrate his birthday belated.

Also, basically everyone I know: at work, friends, family, etc. all entered the Mega Millions lottery. Sadly, this 100 grand fun size candy was the closest I got to winning money. lol. The fun size chocolate is 2.5 points plus!

I tried a few more different dinners, first this asian steamer from healthy choice. Not bad, actually really sweet- almost too sweet for my taste, but good. I did take out the mushrooms (not a fan of those), but other than that, not bad.

I also tried this mexican smart ones. Really good. Didn't look that good when I mixed it up, but the taste was pleasant.

Lastly, on Sunday I enjoyed some wine with friends. I then made the mistake of going to the bar with the hubs and our one friend, because supposably there was karaoke at the bar. By the time we got there, the karaoke was done, but I ended up getting some bahama bay breezes. Can I just say that wine, followed up with these drinks- they may seem fine at the time, but the next day- makes you feel like horrid!

Anyways, hopefully I can keep this up. So far so good!