Saturday, June 30, 2012

trucking towards my goal

Ok, so I'm writing this on Saturday (so over mid-ways through my next week), however this past week (on Tuesday) I had lost 2.4 lbs! Hooray! Making total loss at 54.4 lbs.
However, I forewarn you, I can't guarantee that this week will be as good- I blame the dreaded Friendly's ice cream.
See this:

This is my my weakness- peanut butter ice cream, shared among friends. I couldn't pass it up. I've been SOOOO good for so many months, it was just CALLING my name. So if I gain or don't lose anything, this is why.

As far as other things, I have come to realized it is so darn tough to find healthy within my point values at restaurants. Chain foods- easy, I have an app for that- the ITrackBites app I use to track my points came out with a $1.99 restaurant guide app here, and I couldn't pass it up. So far it has been SUPER helpful. These are my cheap knockoff Weight Watchers apps that I've been using since November, as I can't afford the monthly fee for Weight Watchers online. Basically I just take what I learned from the 10 weeks I went to meetings (and whatever my mom tells me about her meetings) and do everything else with the above two apps. So far it's worked great for me. But the hardest part is family owned restaurants that you don't have nutritional information have to guess- and for me, I SUCK at guessing- because I never guess correctly- I'm usually way off in either direction. Either way too many points or way too little. That's why as much as I'd like to eat at these more often, I never am sure of what I downed.

With the show, we have practices 4 times a week- this makes meal time difficult, as we 90% of the time want to go out to eat afterwards (either because it is super late when we get home, or we need to kill time before I have to head to work on the Saturday rehearsals.). This means, money spent more often at restaurants and much harder to be healthier. But we're trying our hardest to order cheaply all the while being health- means LOTS of water with lemon and LOTS of salads (*tears- I hate salads all the time).

 Though this beef vegetable soup and spinach quiche was AWESOME from Isaac Newton's in Newtown.

The other problem with this week- battling a sinus infection. Yeah, I know what you're thinking...AGAIN!? I agree- I feel like I'm sick all the time. After this one goes away, I'm making an appointment with my family doctor (I went to the minute clinic for this as it was over last weekend it started to get bad) and telling them they NEED to test me for allergies or something- this singer's voice can't handle all the phlem!

Anyways, had a good loss week. Tried on my corset from my wedding and it was too big!- It had the hooks on the back, and I would probably need to get a tighter row added if I was to wear it. yay! I also tried on my outwear corsets I used to wear in college, and they fit- I had to loosen the back a tiny bit, but that's at least a start.

*crossing fingers* for an ok week.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

two week updates

Sorry I didn't update last week (I only lost 0.2 lbs the week I forgot to post, so not a lot to report from that week. haha) This week however I lost 1.2 lbs, so I'm down 52 lbs thus far! Only 10 more lbs till I get to my goal of 150. I might keep going if I feel like it when I hit 150, but it won't be as important to me to get to a number under that when I hit it.
Basic updates- Enjoyed some theater friends' Tony Awards party- lots of foodies, which is probably why I didn't do so well that particular week. My hubs' famous buffalo chicken dip went so quick (didn't even make it to the table- it was gone before you could announce it was brought right out of the oven), that I didn't have any, therefore luckily didn't have to use the points I saved for it- and got to use it for something else- like the awesome hummus someone brought.

 (we each got these cards, and if one of your nominees won, you got a prize)

(Hubs made alcoholic juice also for the party. I loved the apple one.)

This week has been filled with rehearsal for Music Man, meeting with people for the housing situation, and lots of work and such. Last week I worked 6 days straight (one of the days was a swap so I could have a day off in July for a friend's bday). Also did some Salvation Army/Walmart shopping and scored some great stuff which I'll show off on my MadcapFrenzy site later.

Saturday after practice we went to Tony's Place with theater buds and I had a bbq chicken sandwich and a salad (instead of fries). Their fat free sesame dressing was amazing. It was the first salad that I've had in a long time where I actually wanted to have more of! haha. If we go back there ever, I'm just getting a salad (I can't believe I'm actually saying that, since I'm not a huge salad person). All of their food looked and tasted amazing. One of our friends got a stuffed pepper with crab meat, and it look amazing (and I don't even like peppers or crab).

On Monday after meeting with the Bucks County Housing Group to apply for stuff for our house, the hubs and I went to The Green Parrot restaurant and enjoyed a good lunch before running errands and going to another theater practice. I had their personal Tomato pie. They did it perfect. Even though mostly the traditional tomato pie is served cold, I like my sauce to be at least room temperature and to have a good spice, which they excelled at. The hubs got a potato soup and a large salad.

On Tuesday (my weigh in day where I saw I lost 1.2 lbs) we went to Friendly's with some theater buds after practice for Music Man (does this seem like a trend- practice followed by food?- that is why I gained most productions I was in, but I'm determined to eat good while out). They actually have a 550 calorie menu, so I had the half turkey club melt and salad with fat free italian dressing. Was a good deal. Also got two scoops of sugar-free ice cream (I couldn't resist because we were at Friendly's after all, but sugar free ice cream is only 2 pp per scoop. So 2 scoops wasn't bad for 4 pp total).
Wednesday we went to a diner after practice and I had chicken noodle soup and salad with fat free italian.
So it has been a very Salad kind of week- that's the problem with going out to eat a lot- not a lot of options when it is the end of the day and you have not a lot of points left. So Salad it is.
It's kind of been a lot of microwave time at work in the past few weeks. As much as it gets a little boring, it really does help me portion control and since I am lazy in packing my lunch, it works for me.

 (a typical lunch/dinner at work- sugar free jello, diet soda, smartone/leancuisine/healthychoice, just one veg side and/or fruit- which I ate the fruit before this picture. Sometimes I throw in a string cheese)

(My jello matched my nails! haha)

Anyways, down 52 lbs, only 10 to goal! Hoping these last 10 aren't extremely horrible and hard to lose.
Happy weight loss!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Milestone down...

So I lost another 3.2 lbs this week. Not only was this great because I lost so much, but also because that means I have lost a total of 50.6 lbs since I started Weight Watchers back in October. I am now under 10 lbs away from my goal (I might keep going if I find it goes ok, but overall, my goal is 150). I have lost more than 50 lbs in under 8 months. This milestone is such a big deal, as it means I am on the home stretch of my weight loss. This however also means I cannot relax too much, otherwise those pounds will come back (which I DO NOT WANT- I want to look good for my friend's wedding in September and decent this summer).
Clothes are still not fitting right, as I'm between sizes again. I do also hope to start doing some upper body exercises, as I'm find that my arms are the flabby part left right now (especially the underarm area- looks gross when you wear a strapless dress- like I will be wearing for my friend's wedding).
Here's this week's numbers:

Basically this week I stuck extremely close to my points. I didn't use ANY weekly points and only uses a few of my exercise earned points. It also was time for me to drop my daily points value down a point to 28. If I find that I'm not losing enough after a few weeks, I might need to drop to 27 daily points, as I'm pretty sure I need to be at 27 or 26 points plus for my height and current weight. We shall see.
Hopefully things go well this coming week, as thus far I've been pretty darn good- but I know Sunday, my friend's Tony Award party, is going to be tough to be good at.

 (Considering I had 2 slices of this kind of pizza for dinner out with friends on Sunday, I was surprised I lost so much. But I guess because I didn't go over in points, it worked out good.)

 (I wanted to reward myself for hitting the 50 lbs down mark with a mani/pedi, but since we are saving up every penny for our new house, I just did it myself. I was later surprised by my mom, who got me a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi at a place near the theater we do shows at as a Congrats on my 50 lb loss- I'll use it when it gets closer to the show. :D I decided to go with bright neon green for good luck on the last 10 lbs.)

Happy weight loss and *crossing fingers* the last 10 lbs go by smoothly and quickly.