Saturday, February 23, 2013

the Yo-yo of weight loss

So this week I lost 0.6 lbs. (when I hopped on the scale this morning, I lost another pound-but after the rest of the day, I doubt that "stayed," lol).

 (Yellow piggy bank says hello- I see his adorable yellow self every weigh in- as he sits on the shelf in our yellow bathroom where my scale is also, lol)

Right now my weight loss is so Yo-Yo. One week I do great, the next week I do horrible and gain back what I lost. Now, right now I'm hovering back and forth around my original goal weight. I'm having such a hard time getting past that weight. I guess that is ok, since technically it was my goal, but I still have that last 10-15 that would be my Ideal weight.
I don't know, maybe I'm just not ment to be that weight, unless I decide to do some major "working out."- which I HATE. But who knows, maybe next week will be different. lol

 I tried the Skinny Girl California White wine. Not bad, but a lot more dry than I enjoy.

This week my hubs and I tried the Weight Watchers pre-portioned chicken, and had it with rice in a ginger sauce. It was super fab and super low points. I must say, it was so nice to already know what the points were for the chicken and not have to weight it all out.

Other new things in weight loss land- discovered faux ice cream. Check out the recipe post over at my other blog here for the "Banana So-called ice cream."
It was tasty.

Also tried a new healthy Choice steamer dinner tonight, and I must say it was AWESOME! Who new that carrots, rice, chicken, pineapples and sauce would be so tasty?

I also aquired this lovely dress at the SalVal, while shopping for my dress for our 1980s Prom birthday bash. (I got that dress too, but I'm not showing it off till the actual party- don't want any spoilers!- as I say in my best River Song/Dr. Who voice)

I am planned to wear it to the banquet for the New Jersey Press Association Awards, where I scored a 2nd place in Business page design and a 3rd place in Illustration/Graphics. I might pair it with black shoes/jewelry and my black balero mini jacket, as I hate bare shoulders on me. lol

It has been so cold this month, I am looking forward to SPRING!!
Anyways, have a great weight loss week all!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gaining it back again

Ok. Now that I am over the Flu, I seem to have gained back all of what I lost while sick! Figures.
This week was Fat Tuesday, followed by Valentine's Day, so there was so many tempting foodies to be had, and I admit it- I caved. Some weeks you just can't do it. You are healthy for so long and all you want it the most unhealthy things you can find.

At least i was pretty good on Monday, when the hubs and I went out for sushi. I just love the tuna rolls at Concerto Fusion. The best ever!

The evening before Valentine's Day I baked these lemon sugar cookies for the hubs. There was so many we brought them to work (both of us). Luckily everyone loved them and devoured them, so there were no left over cookies in the house!

On Valentine's Day, the hubs made steak and homemade mac & cheese (something he likes and something I like. lol). He kinda made WAY more mac & cheese then he should have, so I have a feeling we are going to be having leftovers all weekend! lol

I also had the Lean Cuisine bagged tortellini one night, and remembered why I really enjoyed it the last time I got it. Such good flavor!

Other than that, been usual ups and downs of foodies.

Hopefully next week goes better.
Happy Weight loss!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Big surprise: having the flu and losing weight

Ok. Just a quick pop in check in.
So yeah. I had the flu earlier this week. And you know what? I lost 3 pounds on my weigh in on Wednesday. haha.
I had the Flu mostly on Monday/Tuesday- but by Wednesday was on the upswing in the sickness department. Just in case, since I still was kinda crummy, but not nearly as bad as M/T, I went to the doctor on Friday- She confirmed. Yep, I had the flu. But not anymore. Now I have an ear infection. Lovely. (NOT!). So now I'm on antibiotics and I'm sniffling due to the drainage.

 Anti-bacterial hand gel- the ONLY thing I could actually smell when I was sick.

 Being sick sucks!

Oh Peanut M&M's. How you make my day.

But in not-sickness related news, I did lose 3 pounds this week. Amazing, since I basically ate "comfort" foods while sick.
 Luckily I could enjoy the SuperBowl at a friends house the day before laying in bed feeling like death. lol

Who knew, that in less than 24 hrs from this photo, I'd be feeling like death- bed ridden?

 Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing- made by the hubs too.

 What do you see- Duck or Rabbit?

 We had DD's homemade chili at the party!

 Hubs made this super awesome White Zinfidel fruity cake with Moscato icing!

 Anyways, hopefully next week's weigh in is good- and not just the sickness taking over.

 (Kitchen wall art!)

 (Our cute crockpot)

 (My dinner tonight at work)
Happy weight loss!

Friday, February 1, 2013

I am so loving "Hungry Girl" recipes

Ok. So in case so of you haven't seen them, I just want to give a shout out to Hungry Girl. Her books are AMAZING! A friend of mine's mother lent me hers, and I've been hooked ever since.
Check out her books. Especially these two (below). They has such great stuff!

The 200 under 200 is PERFECT for those of us on Weight Watchers, and on her website she even posts the weight watchers points! How cool is that?
Anyways, Check them out!
Happy weight loss!

Girl scout cookies are the bane of my existence

Curse you Girl Scout cookies and your tasty-ness! You are the reason I GAINED a pound this week! Curse you!!!!
Ok. Now that I got that out of the way, I will admit that I did gain a pound this past week (weighing in on Wed.). However, when I stepped on the scale this morning (Friday) I already dropped about 2 lbs of that, so maybe it was just the wrong day to weight in. haha (Though I have been good these past 3 days).

Other than being bad and having a boat-load of Girl Scout cookies and wine, not a lot new to report.
It is kind of funny to see how many of my co-workers at the moment are on Weight Watchers, so we now all compare recipes and frozen dinner flavors. haha

 We also finished up our Breakfast nook and I've been enjoying have quick meals while sitting in these cute green seats. Check out my post of the decor and stool redo over at my madcapfrenzy site.

Anyways, hopefully I can stick to being "good" the rest of the week, and have a fab. weigh in on next Wednesday.

 Happy weight loss!