Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting back into things

Holy hell, has it really been almost a year since I last posted? Wow. But then again, I guess that makes sense, due to where I'm at currently.
So I went lax on my weight loss/exercise for a decent bit, starting roughly around October and progressing through to now. I would "get back on the horse" for a few weeks, then some major event or party happened, and I was right back at being unhealthy. A few nights ago, we super splurged and got a pepperoni and chicken pizza. I woke up that morning at 5 am with some of the worst heartburn known to man. It was so painful, it pretty much made me cry. I vowed that I had to get better.
So, I'm trying to change the unhealthy habits I started going back to. Today I started doing Couch to 5k. I have a few friends that are doing it and a few friends that actually exercise regularly, so I'm trying to do it too.
Luckily along my exercise path I figure out, was the borough building (where we drop off our water bills and such) so I dropped off a bill on the way. ;)
I also am restarting weight watchers (on my own from the few years I've done it) today. I'm hoping that with exercise and eatting right, I can get to my goal weight by August/September, as we are *hoping* to go on a trip or cruise to celebrate our 10 years together (and 6 years married) anniversary.
Here goes nothing!
*fingers crossed* I can keep up with it.

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